TIN SHED was founded in 2011 by James Lewis. We use local craftsmen and trade specialists to fulfill the design briefs of a wide variety of clients. Though every project is completely different we will always bring the same level of care, attention to detail and passion to each of them. The variety of our work is what keeps us excited and interested. The talented group of freelancers who bring specific skills to each project include carpenters, metalworkers, scenic artists, electricians and many other very skilled people.

It can get very busy in the workshop with much of our work having very clear deadlines but being on a working farm with a stables, surrounded by beautiful countryside it is easy to find moments to draw breath and relax before diving back in. Dummer Down Farm is an exciting, friendly and supportive community to be a part of. It’s amazing how talking to someone who works in a completely different field can really help when you hit a problem and having a coffee shop on the farm has really improved lunch times!

Beach Hut TIN SHED 12.jpg


James Lewis - Company Director
Nick Hardwick - Head Carpenter
Ian Jones - Carpenter
Rebecca Lewis - Associate Designer & Lead Scenic Artist
Beth Tearle - Lead Scenic Artist
Chris Watson - Welder and Metalworker
Adam Pegg - Workshop Assistant and Photographer


Workshop Exterior TIN SHED 1.jpg