CNC Routers are incredibly versatile machines! Tin Shed always say, if we can draw it, we can cut it!


A CNC router is a computer controlled cutting machine. The CNC stands for computer numerical control.

Drawings done on a computer are converted into a sequence of commands that tell the machine exactly where to move the cutting head to in 3 axis’s, allowing us to cut and carve complex three dimensional shapes. Our machine has the capacity to move the cutter 1300mm in the X axis, 2500mm in the Y axis and 150mm in the Z axis.

Tin Shed CNC Router

Unlike a hand held router, this means that any intricate drawing can be skilfully cut into any material. Just like with a hand held router, any profile shape can be used to create the desired effect. 

We can cut a variety of materials including wood, composites, plastics and foams. 



A CNC router will produce and reproduce consistent, high-quality and accurate work. CNC routers can produce a one-off as effectively as repeated identical production. Automation and precision are the key benefits of CNC routers but in addition to this they reduce waste, errors, and the amount of time needed to produce the workpiece.

Whether you have finished CAD drawings, a scribble on the back of an envelope or just a great idea, we can support you at every stage of the process. From design, to cutting, to assembly and finishing we have the skills and facilities to undertake the most demanding of jobs.

Our bespoke service is ideal for:

·       the construction of scenery for stage, television, film and events
·       exhibition and trade stands
·       signs, engraving and other text work
·       shop fitting
·       interior design
·       product design
·       component manufacture
·       prototyping
·       architectural models and architectural construction
·       making components for furniture and other carpentry and joinery
·       Artists and other craft persons

We are as happy making a one off as providing large quantities of identical products.


Tin Shed are happy to provide a detailed quote for design, drawing, materials, cutting, joinery, finishing and delivery costs.

As a guide, cutting simple shapes from a 2440x1220mm (8’x4’) sheet will start from £45 plus the cost of material.
As cutting time increases so will the cost of the job.
Cutting time is affected by the complexity of the components to be cut and the thickness and hardness of the material.

We will be able to apply discounts for larger batches of components. You can provide your own material if preferred.


Based just two minutes from junction 7 of the M3, near Basingstoke in Hampshire, TIN SHED cnc is part of TIN SHED scenery. With the majority of our experience being in the design and construction of scenery for theatre we are very used to unusual challenges and short deadlines.  



The Tornycroft Girls

This car was made entirely from 18mm Birch plywood and was designed to be assembled during the performance.

Newbury Lantern Parade Stage

Designed by James Lewis

The deisgn was cut in 18mm plywood and then covered with canvas. It was built onto the frame of a market stall and back lit to mirror the aesthetic of the lanterns. 


Here you can see some of the furniture we've made utilising the CNC router.


This is a small selection of the signs we have made. Most of the house signs we make are in Oak.

Big Cricket Bat

After gluing planned pieces of joinery grade redwood together we machined the bat in two halves, the face and the back of the bat. The halves were then glued together and finished by hand. The bat was used for promotion.

Children's Name Signs

We paint boards with the colours chosen by the client and the rout the deisgn into it.

Oktoberfest Village

Each of these house fronts was cut from a sheet of 12mm ply with all the detail being routed into the board. They were used at a festival to define a space so the audience were very close to them. Routing the design in giving relief to the panels really added a lot to the finished buildings. They were also very quick to paint because of the way they had been cut.

The Well at Dummer

This collapsible bar was designed by James Lewis and built for the local village hall where it gets plenty of use! 

Christmas Lodge


All the elements of this facade were cut on our CNC router. It breaks into three pieces for storage and travel. The Christmas Lodge was painted by the client and used in a Christmas promenade interactive performance.

CNC Routed

Here you can see some of the other varied tasks our CNC router has been set to.

Clock Face

We've made a few versions of this clock for Cinderella's and other shows. The largest we made was 2.4m in diameter.