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TIN SHED scenery builds for a wide variety of companies working in theatre, film, television, events, installations, exhibitions and schools.


TIN SHED consists of a group of talented freelancers who bring specific skills to each project to complement the core team, lead by James Lewis. This includes carpenters, metalworkers, scenic artists, electricians and many other very skilled people. We also have strong relationships with other technical companies who we will outsource work to when specific processes are needed.

We often work with companies from the initial ideas of a project through to the opening night; designing, building and occasionally touring the production. This helps in many ways but most importantly it gives us a complete understanding of the production and how the set design and construction fits into the show as a whole.


Being part of the process from start to finish allows TIN SHED greater certainty in delivering the design and final product on time and on budget. The company has experience of the rigours of festivals and international touring and understands implicitly that the construction of a set is as important as the appearance.


Based just two minutes from junction 7 of the M3, near Basingstoke in Hampshire, we are ideally placed to work with a wide range of projects across the south and south west of England. Saying that, recent TIN SHED productions have been performed in London’s West End and other London venues, as well as venues in England, Scotland, Wales, The Edinburgh Fringe Festival, New Zealand, Greece, Armenia and at The Sydney Opera House, Australia.


The Trick Helen Murray

The Trick

by Eve Leigh

Produced by HighTide and Loose Tongue in association with Bush Theatre
Director Roy Alexander Weise
Set & Costume Designer Jemima Robinson
Lighting Designer Amy Mae
Sound Designer Odinn Orn Hilmarsson
Production Manager Steve WatlingSet & Costume Photographer Helen Murray

The Hartlepool Monkey

Gyre & Gimble with Fuel in association with
Stratford Circus Arts Centre
Written by Carl Grose Inspired by the urban myth
Directors Finn Caldwell & Toby Olié
Set & Costume Designer Samuel Wyer
Composer Adam Pleeth
Lighting Designer Matt Daw
Sound Designer Alma Kelliher
Puppet Design Finn Caldwell & Toby Olié
Puppet Fabrication Stitches and Glue Ltd

Cast list here

Ramona tells Jim

Bush Theatre

Playwright Sophie Wu
Director Mel Hillyard
Designer Lucy Sierra
Movement Director Carolina Valdés
Sound Designer Dominic Kennedy
Lighting Designer Rajiv Pattani
Set Construction TIN SHED scenery
Photographs Sam Taylor

Cast Joe Bannister, Amy Lennox, Ruby Bentall

The Magic Flute

Opera Up Close

Orchestrator Alex Beetschen
Librettist Glyn Maxwell
Musical Director David Keefe
Director Valentina Ceschi
Set and Costume Designer Emma Bailey
Lighting Designer Zoe Spurr
Production Manager Stephen Harrison
Pamina Susie Buckle & Abigail Kelly
Papageno Peter Brathwaite & Tom Stoddart
Queen of the Night Fleur de Bray & Luci Briginshaw
Papagena Felicity Buckland & Rosie Middleton
Sarastro Julian Debreuil & Lancelot Nomura
Tamino Lawrence Olsworth-Peter & Peter Kirk

Guards at the Taj

Bush Theatre

Playwright Rajiv Joseph
Director Jamie Lloyd
Designer Soutra Gilmour
Lighting Designer Richard Howell
Fight Director Kate Waters
Sound Design and Original Music George Dennis
Costume Supervisor Lydia C Crimp
Cast Darren Kuppan, Danny Ashok

Jess and Joe Forever

Who is Gordon Craig?

Stevenage Museum

50 years after his death, Stevenage Arts Guild, supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund, celebrate the life and work of the town’s forgotten son who became a radical and visionary theatrical pioneer. This project culminated in the exhibition at Stevenage Museum opening , a new website and educational resources. The project was managed managed by Andy Purves.

The Projection space was designed by James Lewis and built by TIN SHED scenery.

The Energy Show

Produced by The Science Museum
Directed by Martin Lamb
Designed by Janet Bird
Set Construction TIN SHED scenery
Projection Design by Nina Dunn
Lighting by Malcolm Rippeth
Sound by Sebastian Frost

The show ran at the Science museum for 6 weeks and was followed by a UK Tour.

Bubble Boat Tricycle

Designed by James Lewis
Built by TIN SHED scenery
For Hobbledown

' A Place full of wonder, excitement and play where our friends, the Hobblers, spend their days around the fields and barns where animals roam content as always in their Hobbledown homes.'

The Little Gardener

by How It Ended

Based on the book by Emily Hughes
Directed by Eva Sampson
Designed by James Lewis
Set Construction by TIN SHED scenery
Puppet Design and Made by Andy Lawrence
Music and Lyrics by Darren Clark
Dramaturg Teresa Burns
Originally Commissioned by Lyric Hammersmith, Watford Palace Theatre, Greenwich and Docklands International Festival and Latitude Festival.

The Emperor's New Clothes

by Stuff and Nonsense

Directed by Niki McCretton
Performed by
Written by Niki McCretton and the company
Original Music by
Set Design by Edwina Bridgeman
Lighting Design by Edmund Trotter
Set Construction by TIN SHED scenery

An Evening with Primrose

Written & Directed by Abigail Conway
Sound and Interactive system design Ross Flight
Illustration and animation Eoin Ryan
Video Design Dominic Baker & Oliver Levett
Set Design James Lewis
Set Construction TIN SHED scenery
Lighting Design James Lewis
Producer Sally Rose

Free Time Radical

The Frequency D'ici

Created by Jamie Wood, Sebastien Lawson and
Tom Frankland

Directed by Jamie Wood
Performed by Sebastien Lawson and Tom Frankland
Designed by James Lewis
Original Music by A Sweet Niche
Lighting Design by Cis O’Boyle
Sound Design by Becky Smith
Set Construction by TIN SHED scenery
Produced by Ric Watts


The Lost Letters of Mr.Corrigan

Newbury Youth Theatre

Devised by The Company
Directed by Tony and Amy Trigwell-Jones
Designed by James Lewis
Set Construction by TIN SHED scenery
Scenic Art by Rebecca Glover
Costumes by Rhia Whitnell
Photography by David Hatfull
NYT Company Director Robin Strapp

Getting Dressed


Director and Choreographer Rosie Heafford
Performers Keir Patrick, Darragh Butterworth & Ellen Slatkin
Set and Costume Design Verity Quinn
Composers James Marples & Amir Shoenfeld
Lighting Design Ben Pacey
Dramaturg Lou Cope
Producer Claire Summerfield at Tandem Works
Production Manager Helen Mugridge


how it ended productions

Written by Teresa Burns
Directed by Eva Sampson
Set Design by James Lewis
Set Construction by TIN SHED scenery
Lighting Design by Tom Millington
Original Music & Lyrics by Darren Clark
Performed by Helen Booth, Richard Kiess,
Eva Sampson, Peter Wicks

The Adventures of Wound Man and Shirley

Writer / Director / Performer / Sound Designer
Chris Goode
Designer Janet Bird
Set Construction TIN SHED scenery
Lighting Designer Anna Watson
Animator Adam Smith
Associate Artist Jonny Liron
Stage Manager James Lewis
Technical Manager Andy Purves
Relighting Technician Anthony Newton
Associate Designer Andrew Riley
Producer Ric Watts


Chris Goode and Company

Max Tom Lyall
Herman Jamie Wood
Created by Chris Goode
with Tom Lyall and Jamie Wood
Director & Sound Designer Chris Goode
Set Designer Janet Bird
Lighting Designer Guy Dickens
Set Construction TIN SHED scenery
Production Manager James Lewis

Men in the Cities


A Chris Goode and Company production

Writer / Director / Sound Designer / Performer Chris Goode
Director Wendy Hubbard
Designer James Lewis
Set Construction TIN SHED scenery
Scenic Artist Rebecca Glover
Lighting Designer Katharine Williams
Producer Ric Watts

The Worst of scottee

Written and performed by scottee
Directed by Chris Goode
Designed by James Lewis
Set Construction by TIN SHED scenery

Gruffalos Ladybirds and Other Beasts with Julia Donaldson

Tiny Caravan

At the Natural History Museum Darwin Centre
Created by James Lewis and Rebecca Glover
In collaboration with Brian Smith, Zoology Research Assistant NHM
Supported by Natural History Museum, Arts Council England, Arlington Arts Centre, Central Studio, Corn Exchange Newbury and Field Trip.

Tony and Mike

It's a wonderful life

Mass Observation

Inspector Sands

Inspector Sands are
Ben Lewis, Giulia Innocenti, Lucinka Eisler
Directed by Lu Kemp
Designed by Jamie Vartan
Lighting by Hansjorg Schmidt
Programmed by Helen Mugridge
Set Construction by TIN SHED scenery
Photos by Ed Collier

The Lounge

Inspector Sands
Inspector Sands are
Ben Lewis, Giulia Innocenti, Lucinka Eisler

In Praise of Elephants

The Portrait

Newbury Youth Theatre

Romeo and Juliet

The Night Before Christmas

Jamie Wilson Productions and Andy Barnes Ambassadors Theatre, London
Epsom Playhouse, Epsom

Written by
Directed by
Designed by James Lewis
Set Construction by TIN SHED scenery

Dances of Death

Directed by Amanda Wilsher
Performed by Clare Plested and Adam Brown
Written by Plested, Brown and Wilsher
Original Music by Paul Herbert
Set Design by James Lewis
Lighting Design by Nick Flintoff
Set Construction by TIN SHED scenery

These Four Walls

debut theatre company

By Ciaran McConville
Directed by Jamie Harper
Performed by Elizabeth Park
Designed by James Lewis
Lighting Designed by Nick Flintoff
Sound Designed by Tom Gisby & Neil Townsend
Set Construction by TIN SHED scenery
Scenic Art by Rebecca Glover
Photography by Richard Ring