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Over the years we’ve been approached by a wide range of people asking us to design and build things completely unrelated to the world of scenery but completely suited to our skills and facilities.

We've found that this has become the work that we actively seek out and really enjoy.

Though theatre remains at the core of the company it is very different to build something that will last! This adds to the enjoyment of our bespoke work, both for us and our customer. We find that building something for a family or small audience, that will last a lifetime, is just as rewarding as building a temporary set for an audience of thousands. 

We bring our love of theatre to our bespoke work. We enjoy talking through the brief, then unpicking it and truly understanding what we’re building and why. So far we’ve built garden rooms, furniture, toys and all sorts of fun things. We look forward to working with you!



Beach Hut

This private commission was designed by James Lewis to resemble a beach hut from the clients childhood. This new 'beach hut' sits beneath a tree and looks over the clients swimming pool to the fields beyond. It is and Artists studio and retreat. The clients favorite song is Eva Cassidy's version of 'Somewhere over the Rainbow', lines from the song and other engravings have been subtly engraved into the beach hut and are nice surprises to discover.  

Year 6 Library

Caldecott Primary School wanted to create a space for the older children to use. Designed by Rebecca Lewis, it was a huge hit with the children.

Workstations – National Theatre Archive

Castle Library and Creative Play Space

Shop and Workshop

Primary School Creative Play Space